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COZACI, an ultramodern and trendy clothing brand, revolutionizing fashion culture. A premium quality brand that is not only comfortable on your skin, but also defines your personality. Inspired by the need for authentic fashion that showcases the taste and preference of young people, our brand is made of authentic designs and slogans. Authenticity and personality are the main purposes of the brand. Being comfortable with who you are and embracing your inner peak are the factors to creating our designs. Cozaci is driven by the desire to forge high end quality with affordability for both teens and young adults. Born out of the idea that a mountain could represent YOUR outstanding peak, and their ups and downs throughout their lives. We want to KNOW your story, we want to ACKNOWLEDGE your ups and downs, we want to DEFINE the struggle, and we want to design the perfect clothes that fit and represent your AURA. Not only to the people we know, but to the whole world at large. Join us as we aim to reach the top of our PEAK, together.

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Our story

Who are we? The outcasts. People have tried to demotivate us, but the hustle comes from the heart. Faraz and Haz, got a ring to it right? We started from a city just North of Chicago called Skokie. From a joke, to a genuine idea, to a whole brand. That’s how Cozaci started. You never know what interests you until you go out to find it. Haz fell in love with music, Faraz fell in love with the brand and business. We never came for money, we never came for fame, we came for our PASSION. So, why should you care about us? When someone tells you that “you can’t do it,” we are the guys who did it.

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